Why you need to study MBA course ?

  • 100% job oriented professional course.
  • Career Progression: make a quick transition from a mid-level role to a senior management position, to have the opportunity to take strategic decisions.
  • Knowledge: Pedagogical methods employed in top schools are very innovative and effective – these include case studies, presentations, projects, research papers etc.
  • Networking: great opportunity to network with smart, talented people who will hold top strategic positions in major companies or will be great business leaders someday.
  • Brand Equity: certified hallmark that you are competent to become a successful leader in near future.
  • Self-Growth: The entire classroom experience, interaction with faculty and peers, student activities, case studies… all these may radically change your perspective, both personally and professionally and help in self growth.

Why should you join PCMT ?

  • Well stocked library with National & International Journals.
  • Wi-Fi campus & Lab.
  • Projects and Internship arrangement in high profile corporate firms.
  • Internal Certifications
      a) Hospitality Marketing (Semester-I)
      b) Media Management (Semester-II)
      c) Tourism management (Semester-III)
      d) Econometric and Statistical software packages (Semester-IV)
  • External Certifications
      a) Business English(Semester-II)
      b) Insurance Marketing(Semester-III)
      c) Mutual Fund Marketing (Semester-IV))
  • There is a plethora of Club Activities for the students to engross into
      a) Marketing Club
      b) Human Resource Club
      c) Finance Club
  • Business Administration Department has developed a Corporate mentorship module where various industry professionals impart corporate training and equip students with knowledge of recent industry trends.
  • Business Administration Department has signed a MOU with National Stock exchange in the year 2014 for training and financial certification during the academic tenure so that they can participate or get recruited in stock market, insurance and other financial markets.
  • Business Administration Department also developed a collaboration with Thomas International who are the recruiter for fortune 500 companies in the year 2013. Their main focus is on making the students industry ready thru various training module.
  • Full Time faculty pool with industry exposure.
  • Advance Computing and Communication Lab.
  • Dual-AC and OHP enabled class room setup.
  • Absolutely no ragging is allowed in the department and campus
  • Scholarship facilities for meritorious and needy students, also for district level sports personnel.
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Bengal Pailan Park, Sector 1 Phase 1
Amgachia Road, Joka, Kolkata 700104
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