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Dr. Debjani Sarkar

Principal, Pailan College of Education

Message  From the  Principal’s  Desk

In the present world, Education has emerged at the forefront of the world’s concern over its own future. The young generation is entering a world which is emerging in all spheres, scientific and technological, political, economic, social and cultural . The outlines of the knowledge-based society of the future are forming and the status of Education is changing . In this changing world, the role of the teacher is changing also. If Education does not command the respect and support of the entire community, teachers will not command that respect and support. In this changing scenario, we believe that the status of teachers and the status of Education are so inter-related that whatever produces changes in one will normally produce changes in the same direction in the other.

Pailan College of education is  NAAC B+ College, affiliated to West Bengal University of Teachers Training Education Planning and Administration ( Formerly affiliated with the University of Calcutta ) and recognised by the National Council for Teacher Education, has a glorious past of nurturing the mind and spirit of students.

Today with the advancement of Science and Technology, Teacher Education has reached pinnacles of praise and glory. Our endeavour in the present scenario is not only to make good Teachers but also to make them better individuals and citizens, thereby sharing the responsibilities of building strong pillars of the Nation. 

The most important thing, that I have felt is developing a professional attitude. We at Pailan College of Education make sincere efforts to inculcate that attitude among students, in their crucial formative years, during which their personality development takes a definite shape. The Institution helps the students to enrich by an array of academic, co-curricular and curricular inputs in the form of Teaching Internship and Simulation teaching, Seminars, Tutorials, workshops, Research projects and ICT training. The College has a commendable record of a high percentage of good marks every year. We try to empower our students in such a manner so that they can turn to be representatives of a value-based society.

 In the end  I would like to extend my  best wishes to all  for the years ahead and I would like to conclude with the lines of Swami Vivekananda 

“ We want that education by which character is formed , strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and  by which one can stand on one’s own feet”

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