Dr. Ratul Kumar Majumdar
B.Tech, IIEST, M.Tech (IIT, Dhanbad), Ph.D (IIT, Bombay)

B.A. (Business Administration)
C.A. (Computer Application)
B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
UG (Other Undergraduates)
  • Department of Business Administration

    Dr. Susmita Banerjee
    Asst. professor

    Qualification: D.Phil, M.Sc, M.Sw, B.Ed DCO,
    Subject Area: Economics, Psychology, Health Care Management, Organization Behavior), Values and Ethics in Profession
    Teaching Experience: 16 Years
    Industry Experience: 16 Years
    Research Interest: Economics, Ethics
    Research & Publication: 1. Dr Susmita Banerjee(2010) “ Need for GIS Software in natural resource mapping and sustainable development’ (GeoM2010) 9th-10 th April 2010 TISS Mumbai proceeding page 47-49
    2. Dr Susmita Banerjee ( 2010) ' Spirituality and transcendence beyond religion Aspire Academic Excellence On line series 20thJune 2010
    3. Dr Susmita Banerjee ( 2010)’ ” GIS for sustainable earth’s environment”
    Environment and sustainable development’ .International Conference A pledge to save earth( ICEED- 2-4July) , 2010
    4. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2010)’ Sustainable Economics Through Ethics and Spirituality’
    ‘Spirituality and Ethics in Management’ on 30-31st October, 2010 organized by Centre for Spiritualism and Human Enrichment established by School of Management Sciences 5. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2010) " Peace in Gita Way" World Peace Conference International interdisciplinary conference Dec 2010 Kolkata
    6. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2010) ."Transportation and sustainable development" 8th International T2M conference that was held in the National Railway Museum in Delhi, India from 2 – 5 December 2010
    7. Dr Susmita Banerjee( 2010). “Globalization and its effect on ethical and technical Education” 'Globalization and economic asymmetries in international trade and development: Challenges and opportunities' held at the IIM Lucknow (Noida campus) from Dec 16 to 18, 2010 conference .
    8. Dr Susmita Banerjee( 2010) “Role Of Culture and religion in integrating spirituality and business “ International interdisciplinary conference 28- 30 Dec 2010Kolkata
    9. Susmita Banerjee(2011) "Problems of the Elderly" : The Journal of Business and Economic Studies published from Allahabad, U.P ISSN NoRNI UPBIL2007/23544 page44-53
    10. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) “Role of spirituality in general management in GITA way” 2nd International Conference (organized by Society of Management and Behavioral Sciences) Haridwar –Uttarakhand (India) during June 4th and 5th , 2011
    11. Dr Susmita Banerjee(2011) ‘Strategic Leadership in Gita Way’ The ICBSM 2011 First International Conference on Business, Strategy & Management ( ICBSM) 2011 June 25th 2011 at Kolkata, India.
    12. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) Remote Sensing & GIS for sustainable earth’s environment” international Conference Hydrabad
    13. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) I ‘Sustainable Economics Through Ethics and Spirituality’ international Conference(IC2011) on India Emerging: Opportunities and Challenges.. "25-26 February, 2011Indus | Delhi NCR Region 25-26 February, 2011
    14. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) “Self consciousness and psychic being” Management Studies IIT Roorkee, (Indian Institute of Technology, India) Faculty of Management Studies 3rd International 7 department Conference On Integrating Spirituality And Organizational Leadership February 1-5, 2011ISOL Foundation Gurukula Kangdi Vishwavidayala (Haridwar, India)
    15. Dr Susmita Banerjee ( 2011) "Education and it's effectiveness in economic Climate" Innovation Educators’ Conference at ISB, Hyderabad during 29-30, April, 2011.
    16. Dr Susmita Banerjee(2011) “ Spiritual thoughts in economics from Gita and Vedanta” Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi Monday December 12, 2011
    17. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) “ Role of values and ethics” "Emerging Trends and Various Challenges for Business & Management " - 11 Nov. 2011, edited book . M/S .Bharti Publication New Delhi ISBN: 978-93-81212-05-9
    18. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2011) Maintenance of peace to reduce Environmental degradation” "icer 2012" ICER-11 at SVNIT Surat on December 15-17, 2011
    19. Susmita Banerjee ( 2012) “Leadership Management in Spiritual way” Global Journal of Finance & Management ISSN 0975-6477 November 2012Page 58-63
    20. Dr Susmita Banerjee ( 2012) “Spiritual Aspects in The Dimension of Environment & Mental Health’ Environmental Surveillance for Natural Resource Management (ESNRM-2012) Session 2 A: Environmental Health OEH-09
    . 21. Dr ‘Susmita Banerjee (2012)’ Peace for Global wisdom’ International Conference on the theme ‘Spiritual Paradigm for Surmounting Global Management Crisis’ 24th-26th February, 2012 at Varanasi, India.
    22. Dr ‘Susmita Banerjee (2012) 23"Globalization of Sprituality and Peace in Gita way" in the International Conference “Emerging Indian Economy :Opportunities and Challenges” at BBS Group of Institutions, Phaphamau, Allahabad, on February 11-12, 2012
    23. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2012) “Organizational Development: Insights from Ramayan and Bhagwat Gita” 1st International Conference on” Vedic Foundations of Indian Management during April 19-21, 2012 in Haridwar, India
    24. Dr Susmita Banerjee ”(2012) Innovation in Management Globalization and Information Technology with special reference of Tagore” ICIMIT 2012
    25. Dr Susmita Banerjee(2012)”Globalization: Its Impact on HRD” D.A.V College, Malout, PG Dept. of Economics12th National Conference Sponsored By University Grants Commission, New Delhi Global Changes: Mapping Excellence Policies for India3rd-4th Feb., 2012
    26. Dr Susmita Banerjee(2012)” Spirituality to arous e and promote human resource’ MITSOM Conference Participation (NCBMIT-2012) Khoj Journal
    27. Dr Susmita Banerjee (2014) “ Spirituality and Corporate Social responsibility1st International INAAR Convention Global Changes and Challenges: It’s Impact on Commerce, Management, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences on 21st January, 2014 at MCCIA, Tilak Road,Pune
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    30. Devarchan Banerjee and Dr Susmita Banerjee(2018)Decolonising a Bureaucratic Mind: A Case of India’s Forests “ Journal’ ‘Niti Samvad ‘ Protest politics and policies St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), 5, Mahapalika Marg, Dhobi Talao, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Mumbai. Page 51 -55

    Mr. Amal Krishna Saha
    Asst. professor

    Qualification: M.Sc. (Management Science), M.Sc. (Fiber Science & Tech.), M.Sc. ( Physics)
    Subject Area: Human Resource Management, Marketing Research, SPSS
    Teaching Experience: 23 Years
    Industry Experience: 17 Years
    Research Interest: Management & Social Science
    Research & Publication: 1. Amal Krishna Saha and Akpabio Ikon (1982). Small Manufacturing Business in Cross River State: Problems & Prospects, Ododuma Business Journal, No.16, 29-32, ISSN: 0331
    2. Amal Krishna Saha (1983). Problems & Prospects of Small Furniture Business in Nigeria, Ododuma Business Journal, No.18,13-17, ISSN: 0331
    3. Amal Krishna Saha (1984). The Attitudes of Male & Female Clerical Workers towards a Job: A Nigerian Experience, Decision(IIMC), Vol. 1, No. 2, 77-83, ISSN: 0304-0941
    4. Amal Krishna Saha and Deepak Chawla (1986). Job Aspirations of Students in Institution of Higher Learning in Nigeria, Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 1, XXXII, No. 4, 956-963, ISSN: 0019-5561
    5. Amal Krishna Saha (1988). Satisfaction With Life: A Study of Nurses in Nigeria, Decision(IIMC), Vol. 15, No. 1, 61-63, ISSN: 0304-0941
    6. Amal Krishna Saha (2010). The Buying Behaviour of Gemstones among Indian Students, Pratibimbia(IMIS), Vol. 10, issue: 1, 35-38, ISSN 0972-5466
    7. Amal Krishna Saha and Saswati Roy Chel (2010). Life Satisfaction of Middle Class Families in Metropolitan City, Gyan Management, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 121-131, ISSN 0974-7621
    8. Amal Krishna Saha (2011). Position of Women in Contemporary Society and their Career Problems, Pratibimbia(IMIS), Vol. 11, issue: 2, 27-33, ISSN 0972-5466
    9. Amal Krishna Saha and Parthasarathi Chakraborty (2012). Professional Women at Work: The Challenges and Opportunities in India, Management Today, Vol. 2, No. 1, 35-42, ISSN 2230-9764
    10. Amal Krishna Saha (2013). Factors Influencing for a career in Engineering: An Empirical Approach, Pratibimbia(IMIS), Vol. 14, Issue: 2, , ISSN 0972-5466
    11. Amal Krishna Saha and S. K. Dey (2013). Young Generation and Filial Responsibility: An Empirical Study, Gerontology, Vol. 27, No. 4, ISSN 0971-4189
    12. Amal Krishna Saha and S. K. Dey (2014). Learning in Vernacular Creates Barrier to Effective Communication of English among the Engineering Students in India, Anvesha: The Journal of Management, Vol. 7, No. 1, ISSN 0974-5467
    13. Amal Krishna Saha and S. K. Dey (2014). Attitudes Towards Marriage among the Students of Higher Learning in West Bengal, The Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol. 75, Issue: 3, ISNN 0019-5634
    14. Amal Krishna Saha and Nabanita Maity (2014). Attitudes towards Corruption among the Students of Higher Learning, Management Today, Vol. 4, No. 3, ISSN 2230-9764
    15. Amal Krishna Saha and Bhagyasree saha (2015). Indian Politics and Attitudes of Young Generation towards it, Management Today, Vol. 5, No. 2, ISSN 2230-9764
    16. Amal Krishna Saha and Gautam Daw (2016). Attitude of Patients toward Public Health Care Services in Kolkata Metropolitan Area: An Empirical Approach, Journal of Health Management, Vol. 18, No. 3, ISSN: 09720634
    17. Amal Krishna Saha and Bhagyasree Saha (2016). Medium of Learning during School year and its Effects on Engineering Career: Discriminant analysis Approach, , Management Today, Vol. 5, No. 2, ISSN 2230-9764
    18. Amal Krishna Saha; Sumita Chaudhuri & Sharad Soumya Mazumdar (2016). Work-Life Balance of Women Teachers in West Bengal, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: A Review of Economic & Social Development, Vol. 52, No. 2, ISSN No. 0019—5286
    19. Amal Krishna Saha (2016). Religion as source of Political power: What the young Generation of Higher learning thinks about it? An Empirical Approach, Management Today, Vol. 5, No. 2, ISSN 2230-9764
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    21. Amal Krishna Saha & Arunava Saha (2017). Abuse of Women: Causes, consequences and Prevention-A survey of College going Youth, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: A Review of Economic & Social Development, Vol. 52, No. 4, ISSN No. 0019—5286
    22. Amal Krishna Saha & Arunava Saha (2018). Smartphone as a means of communication and its influence upon college students, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: A Review of Economic & Social Development, Vol. 53 (4), ISSN No. 0019—5286

    Ms. Sunetra Paul
    Asst. professor

    Qualification: MBA(Marketing), Persuing Ph.D
    Subject Area: Sales and Distribution, Service Marketing, Consumer Behaviour
    Teaching Experience: 15 Years
    Research Interest: Consumer Behaviour
    Research & Publication: 1. Determining satisfaction level of customers for auto industry in Kolkata – CBS Journal Management Practices (ISSN-2349-5073), Vol. 2, March 2015, Special Issue on National Conference in Advanced Business Research & Management Practices held on December, 2014.
    2.Internet marketing issues based on classification scheme – trend analysis during the period 2000 -2012. Pailan Business and Technical Journal, vol 1, issues -1, July – Dec 2014, ISSN – 2320 – 3463

    Ms. Nabanita Maity

    Qualification: M.Phil , PGDM(FIN)
    Teaching Experience: 11 Years

    Mr. Goutam Daw

    Qualification: M.Com
    Subject Area: Accountancy,Cost Accountancy,Management Accountancy, Taxation, Statistics,Financial Management,Materials Management
    Teaching Experience: 11 Years
    Research Interest: Finance and Acccounting
    Research & Publication: Amal Krishna Saha and Gautam Daw (2016). Attitude of Patients toward Public Health Care Services in Kolkata Metropolitan Area: An Empirical Approach, Journal of Health Management, Vol. 18, No. 3, ISSN: 09720634

    Mr. Nirvik De
    Asst. Professor

    Qualification: MIFA(CFA),MBA(FINANCE)
    Subject Area: FINANCE & ACCOUNTS
    Teaching Experience: 7 Years
    Research Interest: Human Relation

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