Department of MBA

Enhance your professional knowledge and become a business leader of the future by understanding and identifying creative solutions to critical challenges in complex environments. Gain a unique perspective and expertise to drive positive societal change in India and beyond.

  • Enhanced personal leadership competencies
  • Expanded professional networks and relationships
  • Unique and effective managerial knowledge and tools for efficient management
  • Value creation for entrepreneurial enterprises
  • An opportunity to diversify skills and self-reinvent
  • International exposure
  • An increase in earning potential
  • Accelerated career advancement
  • Skills acquired for greater social impact


Coverage: Basic Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. Mode: Offline, supplemented by Instructor Led Tutorials and Case Studies

Coverage: Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Finance, Economics, etc. Mode: Mixed Mode, Lectures supplemented by Online Learning, Live on-site projects, Experiential Learning and Case Studies


The School of Finance Excellence brings to management aspirants a perfect blend of theory and practices over Financial Management, Business Finance, and Accounts as the principal areas of coverage. Today there is an increasing emphasis on globalisation and multinational financial management which have been reflected in the curriculum. While many of the courses are analytical in approach, emphasis has been placed on adequate conceptual inputs for a strong foundation, applicability of the concepts, techniques and strategies through project and industry vertical based case studies built around real life problems. One of the primary objectives of the elective is to give the students a feel of ‘how to go about’ in the field of finance and foster an understanding of how financial decisions themselves can create can value for the firm.

As the world moves from being a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market, consumers have assumed a pivotal role in the structure of an organisation. Marketing recognises the consumers as the fulcrum around which the plans and programs of an organisation revolves. Today’s market fashion’s itself according to the need of the hour. For example, marketing of ideas and services has become more important than marketing of products. The School of Marketing Excellence at PCMT, armed with an unbeaten course structure, live and industry vertical specific case studies, live projects, workshops, advertisement clubs and other creative pedagogic tools, represents an ideal B-School to learn the intricacies of the today’s marketplace.

The cutting edge of an organisation ultimately depends upon the quality of its human resource and how effectively it is leveraged by the firm. To lead a successful organisation, Human Resource policies and practices must drive its strategic goals and help in their effective realisation. In the first year compulsory courses, key concepts, issues, systems and tools relevant to the industry are covered. In the second year, wider areas are taught in depth with industry specific ‘live’ case studies, GDs, management games, industry projects and other innovative pedagogic tools.

The last three decades have witnessed some momentous changes in business methodologies. Geographic boundaries, fading away, primarily due to the rapid advancements in ICT technology has put forth IT in a pivotal role for business managers today. There are five factors, viz., internet growth and technology convergence, transformation of the business enterprise, growth of a globally connected economy, growth of knowledge and information-based economies and an emergence of the digital firm, which play an increasingly important role in the growing impact of IT for businesses at this hour.