Bachelor of Optometry (B.OPT)


Optometry program at Pailan College of Management and Technology is affiliated with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, with an academic period of three years and one year internship. We provide our students a cohort curriculum which includes the early clinical experience from the second year of their under graduation program. Our Institute is well known for its extensive internship and training program which will be provided in various hospitals across the country. Students will actively participate in a variety of public health eye camps like industrial vision screening, cataract and diabetic retinopathy screening programs, school screening camps etc in and around the suburbs and rural areas of Kolkata. Internship covers all the regular and specialty clinical postings of Optometry. Other salient features of the program include small group learning experiences, traditional semester breaks, research exposure and a learning environment in which what students learn in the classroom, they practice in the labs and apply to actual patients under the guidance and supervision of faculty.


  1. Develop and maintain opportunities for inter professional learning and patient care
  2. Achieve the proper balance between clinical education and patient centered care
  3. To prepare a cadre of optometrists as primary eye care professionals by institutional education and
    clinical training.
  4. To train optometry graduates who will be able to teach optometry at a school / college of optometry
    up further education and to research in ophthalmic field.
  5. To train optometrists to independently perform the tasks of routine clinical eye examination including
    refraction, to detect any pathological disorders of the eye and system.
  6. To train optometrists to independently prescribe all types of optical corrections including Spectacles,
    contact lens, low vision aids, vision therapy, eye exercises.
  7. To be able to satisfy the needs of the ophthalmic industry as a whole.

COURSE DURATION (3 Years + 1 Year Internship)

The B.Opt programme consists of 8 semesters spread over a period of four academic years. Each
academic year consists of two semesters.


Minimum Eligibility 10+2 (science) passed in any stream from a recognized board.


  • Optics (Physical, Geometrical & Visual optics)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (General & Ocular)
  • Environment and ecology
  • Professional Communication in English
  • Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology (Basics & Ocular)
  • Computer Technology
  • Binocular Vision and Orthoptics
  • Ophthalmic Instrumentation and procedure
  • Pharmacology
  • Vision Science
  • Disease (Ocular ,Posterior, Neuro & Systemic disease)
  • Clinical Refraction
  • Dispensing optics
  • Low vision & Rehabilitation
  • Public health
  • Contact lens
  • Research methodology
  • Professional practice management


Optometrists have a plenty of opportunities in their career paths which offers high salary, job satisfaction and tremendous potential for future growth in various areas.

  • Clinical optometrist in different private and government hospitals
  • Dispensing optometrist in retail, corporate and Multinational companies
  • Professor/Lecturer in academic areas
  • Community optometrist who works on public health
  • Specialty optometrist: Low vision, Contact lens, Orthoptics & Prosthetic eye
  • Research scientist
  • Manufacturing and designing of various lens, spectacles and ophthalmic instruments

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