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sWe have just stepped into 2015 and we have already made the New Year happy for many of the final semester students who will be passing out in June. Many of them have already bagged their appointment letters.
Placement Record 2015:(Click Here)
BBA-32% , BCA-41%
BOPTM.-88% , BHM-73%

Research & Publications

Meteorological Applications
Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay
CA Department

IISRN High Energy Physics
Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay
CA Department

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences
Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay
CA Department

Local Search Based Approach in Grid Scheduling Using Simulated Annealing
Mr. Rajmohan Goswami
CA Department

Load Balanced Static Grid Scheduling Using Max-Min Heuristic
Mr. Rajmohan Goswami
CA Department

Hybrid principal component analysis technique to machine–part grouping problem in cellular manufacturing system. Management
Dr. Manojit Chattapadhyay
CA Department

A Soft Computing technique in rainfall forecasting
Dr. Manojit Chattapadhyay
CA Department

An analysis with Future Trend of Artificial Neural Network Techniques Applied in Market Segmentation
Dr. Manojit Chattapadhyay
CA Department

Histogram Equalization by cumulative frequency distribution, International journal of Scientific & Research publication, ISSN 2250-3153
Ms. Papiya Chakraborty
CSE Department

A Survey Analysis for lossy image compression using DCT, International journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, ISSN 2229-5518
Ms. Papiya Chakraborty
CSE Department

Gravitational collapse with dark energy and dark matter in horava-lifshitz gravity
Mr. Prabir Rudra
Humanities Department

How effective is new variable modified chaplygin gas to play the role of dark energy- A dynamical system analysis in rs II brane model
Mr. Prabir Rudra
Humanities Department

Role of Generalized Cosmic Chaplygin gas in accelerating universe: A field theoretical prescription
Mr. Prabir Rudra
Humanities Department

Effect of stabilizer on dynamic thermal transport property of ZnO nanofluid (ISSN No.- 1556-276X )
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Neogy
Humanities Department

Dielectric Constant Enhancement of Ethylene Glycol by Au Nano Networks (ISSN No.- 1941-4919)
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Neogy
Humanities Department

Impact of PCA in the application of Image Processing
Mr. Abhishek Banerjee
CSE Department

Optimisation of Datapath Architecture Using Pipelining in FPGA
Ms. Santasri Giri Tunga
ECE Department

Students' Experience

Pailan days are one of the best of the memories. Spent a long time with the best teachers during the graduation and post graduations, learning new things, getting touch with new technologies, interactive grooming sessions and many more. We use to do several group studies, interactive sessions, seminars. Our teachers specialized with different technologies used to help the students to come up with new ideas to implement in their projects. During the college days, we were also given the opportunity to do various workshops that enhanced our skill sets in lots of ways. Participating in events, organizing them was also very encouraging.

Samarendra Pal
(2009 – 2012 batch)
Software Engineer
Wipro Technology

I am Prithiwiraj Chowdhury (ECE-2014 batch). Gone are the days of semesters and internals, gone are the days of attendance, life is all about trying to keep in touch with all those people who were the daily ingredients of our college life. I do accept that there used to be a pride in me whenever I got a chance to represent my college at the inter college robotics' competition which never would have been possible without the immense support that I got from my college, Pailan College of Management and Technology. If given a chance to revisit those days of joint examination and going through the process of counseling, I bet I would choose PCMT yet again for the friends I made here, and the faculties who taught me the difference between right and wrong.

Prithiwiraj Chowdhury
(2010 - 2014 Batch)

I got lots of opportunity to explore the technical sphere. It was a place where I could dirt my hands with lots of academic projects. The facilities at the college premises support growth to the ones who want to use it. The dedication which I found teachers not only during college timing but also beyond really motivates. The best part that I really liked about these teachers who encouraged me in spite of being nagged probably to the fullest extent. A place where students are not limited to course curriculum provides them a clear understanding of the technical challenges they are to face.

Saurabh Jhunjhunwala
(2005 – 2008 Batch)
Senior Technical Engineer
Emirates Airlines

The four years that I spent in PCMT had been very remarkable to me not only in terms of academic but also the faculties and friends who were always beside me to fulfil the dream that I was chasing.

(2009 - 2013 Batch)

There is much to like about PCMT. The quality of instruction was much better than I expected, and sometimes excellent by any standards. The library was well stocked. Both the faculty and staff were warm, helpful and encouraging. Faculty members invest considerable energy mentoring students. I would recommend PCMT to anyone interested in a meaningful MCA education.

Atriya Sen
(2007 – 2010 Batch)
Ph.D. Student
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I am an ECE graduate from Pailan College of Management Technology (2014 Passout).The 4 years which I spent with the college was the most important phase of my life. The faculty members of P.C.M.T. helped me alot during this 4 years. The college helped me to develop not only my technical skills but my communication skills as well which is very crucial to survive in the industry.

Arunava Sen
(2010 - 2014 Batch)
Assistant System Engineer - Trainee, Kolkata Branch
Tata Consultancy Services

Speaking of campus placement at PCMT was on the par with many other private colleges operating under WBUT. Apart from that one thing that PCMT did well was to open our profiles at co-cubes. I got my job through pool campus conducted by Co-cubes. A lot of pool campuses are conducted by them throughout India. The CTC given are fair enough for starting one’s carrier. I am quite happy with my job. My first posting was at Pune. Now I am posted at Kolkata. I would like to thank PCMT for their help and support in getting me my 1st job.

(2009 - 2013 Batch)
Assistant Manager
Cummins India Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all faculties and staffs of PCMT and also to express my appreciation for your help, assistance and guidance during my undergrad study. I was just an embryo in engineering domain when I decided to attend PCMT for my undergrad, a decision I won’t regret. If it wasn’t your valuable advice, training and mentorship, I wouldn’t have been able to bag my dream of joining a premier US university for my Masters. I consider myself really lucky to be a part of PCMT and have tried my level best to learn everything taught during my course. I will forever thankful to you as you have helped me more than you think. I owe my future to you and hope to contribute to my institution whenever called for.

Soumyajit Routh
(2009 - 2013 Batch)
MS in Electrical Engineering
Texas Tech University

This is sabyasachi from 2014 batch EEEdept. Starting off i must say that I was thoroughly surprised when I was asked to write something about my college’s role in shaping me up for where i stand today. So coming to the point, Firstly I should highlight the support I received from the college on the educational activities that I performed. Secondly the role of the professors who tirelessly worked hard for the subjects they taught speaks volumes of the ability they possessed. Last but not the least the quality of the friends I received here and the quality of the juniors I saw when I was studying there as well as when I graduated out looks really promising. Hope the college grows and attains higher grounds… Once a pailanite, always a pailanite… HAPPY LEARNING, CHEERS!!!!!

Sabyasachi Ghosh
(2010 - 2014 Batch)
Software Test Engineer Associate
Employed with Computer Sciences Corporation(CSC)Pvt Ltd.

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